Technical Services

We offer extensive technical services that range from software development to systems consulting and management to technical training.

Software development services provide:

New applications development to extend and enhance your administrative system. Examples of our expertise include the development of a major prospect tracking and moves management system to support a major capital campaign effort.
Customization services that include modifications to vendor-delivered components such as screens, processes, and reports or development of new components or entire applications. All custom programming is done in the vendor's development environment unless otherwise requested.
Mapping and conversion of legacy system data into your new set of applications, analyzing the data and ensuring there are no data integrity issues.
Interface development to integrate best-of-breed software.

Systems management and consulting services provide:

Database and system administration consulting to ensure your data is accurate and your systems are up-to-date and secure.
Applications and system security review and implementation to ensure sensitive student, alumni and donor information has the appropriate level of protection.
Installation and configuration of new or existing applications to provide the most comprehensive system for your organization.
Software upgrades, software installation, system configuration and patch application and management to keep you current and prevent inconsistencies and errors.
Remote systems administration to ensure constant availability of your mission critical application.

Technical Training services offer:

Software development and programming training for your in-house staff.
Database and systems management training to help your staff become self-sufficient.
Reporting training to get the information in the format you need.

Contact us to find out how our services can help your organization achieve its technology goals.

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