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1998-2008: Rose & Tuck Celebrates 10 Years of Dedication to Higher Education

This year, Rose & Tuck is excited to be celebrating our 10th Anniversary! In celebration of this wonderful milestone, Rose & Tuck was pleased to continue our tradition of welcoming clients and friends to a special night on the town during the 2008 Datatel Users’ Group conference in Washington, DC. This year, we invited over two hundred clients and friends to an exclusive night at Lounge 201 in Washington's Capital Hill district.

Taking advantage of this famous D.C. lounge, we filled all three rooms with great food, an extensive open bar, dynamic lighting, an energetic Disc Jockey from Chicago named "Big Daddy", a jam-packed dance floor, a strolling comedic magician, and even a hand sculptured martini ice luge with our 10th Anniversary logo etched inside! The evening was the talk of DUG and we were thrilled that so many of our clients and friends were able to join us.

Darren Rose and Mark Tuck founded the company after having spent many years helping universities and not-for-profit institutions implement their administrative systems. Today, Rose & Tuck has grown to a staff of more than a dozen and has helped improved the processes and systems at dozens of institutions. You can learn more about the history of the company here.

The lounge and ice luge before guests arrive : the quiet before the storm
Mr. Rose & Mr. Tuck thank long-time clients and reflect on the past 10 years
Party-goers having a great time

  See you all next year!


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